Monday, 19 February 2007

Some firsts for Brody

Brody had his first swim at Grandma Joyce's pool. He loved the warm water and was even dunked under the water by Aunt Sarah. I think he might be a good little swimmer if he enjoys the water already.
Jenna is a timid swimmer, and has been since she was little, but once she gets going she eventually warms up to the idea of being in the water.
Brody is learning that he can control his hands, he has been touching some dangling toys and he also wanted to hold his bottle, so I let him.
Jenna loves to make messes when eating, she is better now about not throwing her food on the ground when she's finished, so that's a bonus.
Brody continues to be a happy boy and is very easy-going, we all love that about him.

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