Sunday, 1 April 2007

Happy days

Aloha everybody,

Wasn't conference the best. We enjoyed it. Spring break was good we got out to the beach and Becca got everything done to ensure her job. Now, the worrying is over, well about getting a job that is. We are looking into getting a new place, smaller and cheaper for May. We might have found one right near the Kapiolani Hospital and the church and a short long board ride to school. Becca starts work tomorrow and she so excited, to work which is kind of wierd, I guess. I'm sure that will ware off. The lady that was helping her get everything done said it was a miracle that everything came on time and it must have been meant to be. We would like to say thanks for everyones prayers and thoughts for her it obviuously helped. Well, love ya all and hope things are going well for everyone else. Love Mike and Becca
ps Here are some pics of our hike to Manoa falls


Dave said...

Holy Moly! Man you guys are killin' me! Well, at least it is good to know that you are enjoying yourselves.

Hopefully we'll see you sometime soon...

Dave said...

I know I was the last one to comment on these pictures, but I'm doing it again!

I can't beleive how awesome it is that you guys are in Hawaii.

I love seeing the pictures of you enjoying the sun and the beauty of that paradise on earth.

We will come visit you!