Monday, 17 December 2007

Long time, no post...

Since it is getting on 2 months, almost, since the last post, here is a little nugget of beauty for your enjoyment.

The best part of our little Hawaii trip was hanging with Mike & Becca!

It's getting so exciting to think about the Mini-Mecca-Internal (hope you enjoy the inside joke Mecca).

Even though the sun was less prominent than the rain during our stay, we still managed to get munched in some sweet shore-break and get around the island to see some stuff.

Hana'uma bay was sweet as usual. This time Mike and I saw this eel come right out of the water, up on the rocks, and catch a crab! It was crazy! Then it snarled at us as we were walking near it.

Hmm... what else... can't think.

Till next time...

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