Monday, 14 July 2008

A First from Finland

Hey everyone,
Well this is my first post of all time on this amazing family blog where we can share and enjoy together the amazingness of the Olsen Family through the great blessing of technology. I would first like to thank my oldest and most technologically skilled brother for making this opportunity possible for us all to communicate even when we live in Hawaii, Finland, California, Edmonton or Texas. Secondly I would like to thank my bestest family in the world for being alive so that this posting blog could be made and spread to all parts of the globe, keeping us in good contact and being a source of joy to each individual. The picture I decided to post in an inspirational one. I was in the tori (center of town) and I saw this old couple carrying a bag together and then I thought about that and I want to be that good of a team with my future wife like they still are. It is cool that they are still united and love each other! What a great sight to remember and strive for. Missionary work is great here and I love Finland and the Finns and life is the best! Well that is all for this post, thanks for tuning in and don't touch that keyboard because I am sure the next blog will be just as entertaining.

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