Thursday, 18 December 2008

Clara - from the Nutcracker Suite

Elysse went to see the Nutcracker Suite with Lyndsey on Saturday. She was supposed to go with Gramma Pylypiuk, but we got the dates mixed up so that didn't quite work out.

For a week or two preceding the concert, we had the nutcracker music playing around the house. Elysse got quite good at knowing which song was which. She also took out probably every nutcracker book that the library had.

Come showtime, she was pumped and ready for entertainment. Since showtime, we haven't heard the end of the nutcracker.

My sister Sarah sent Elysse this tutu which arrived 2 days after the show, this has cemented her current identity as Clara.

She insists that we call her "Clara", I am now called by my new title "Nutcracker" (though Lynz first had this honour), Lyndsey is now known as "Fairy Plum Sugar Fairy", and Chanelle is now the "Mouse King".

It is to the point that last night in her prayers, Elysse blessed "Fairy Plum Sugar Fairy and little baby... Mouse King."

The picture is of Elysse being Clara in front of the tree, and then prostrated on the ground listening to the Nutcracker Suite.

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Chrissy said...

How fun! We're taking the girls to the Nutcracker on Saturday. I hope they have fun even though they aren't quite as prepared as Elysse was.