Monday, 2 February 2009

3rd Degree AC Separation

Well, there is not much to say except that I've got some recovery ahead of me. Luckily the pain is pretty minimal.

The picture at the top is with no weights, the second is with weights which is supposed to help determine the degree of separation.

Looking at the first picture on the left side near the words "Series: 1001" is the clavicle (collarbone) in my right shoulder. When you compare it to the other side, it's pretty obvious how much the shoulder joint has pulled away from where it should connect to the clavicle.


Sarah said...

oh my gosh Dave! that's too bad!! How long with it take to recover?

Natalie said...

Uh, yuck. Not a pretty picture. Let me guess, you did that snowboarding? Hope it heals soon!!

Gibb said...

Dave, I always knew you had a wimpy acromioclavicular joint. It was bound to happen eventually. Don't worry, even super-atheletes like us have weaknesses. When do you want to go to banff with me? You don't need your shoulder for snowboarding right? Can I come visit you sometime, I miss the olsens. I saw Lindsay and chanelle at church and she told me about the injury (Lindsay did, not chanelle). Anyways, lets get the kids together sometime and play.
Ha ha ha, the word verification to post this is "funner." I'm pretty sure thats NOT a word.