Monday, 30 March 2009

Water Babies

We usually try to reserve Monday nights for some kind of family activity, and since Elysse has been asking to go swimming for a while now, we decided to brave the Spring Break crowds at the swimming pool tonight. (If the truth be told, I also really wanted to take the girls swimming so they could wear their new swimsuits!)

Dave doesn't like his hair in this picture, but honestly, who likes their hair when they go swimming? (Dave, this doesn't give you license to put up a picture of me that I don't like!) Usually Dave is the one having all the swimming fun with Elysse since I strongly dislike cold water, but Servus Place in St. Albert has the warmest water of any pool I've been in. So I'm proud to say that I did more than wave from the edge, and actually went down the big waterslides 3 times (as requested by Elysse!). Chanelle also loved the warm water and had fun splashing her hands and kicking her legs (and sucking on anything that got close to her mouth - hopefully it's not too unhealthy for a four-month-old to ingest small amounts of chlorine!).

This video isn't all that exciting, but Elysse was saying all night that she could swim by herself. So Dave got her a lifejacket and took her in the deep pool, and she was so brave! I was so amazed how well she did, and she didn't get scared once!

One of the things I always loved about swimming with my mom was that we often went for a treat after. So how could we say no when we have to walk past the ice cream store on the way out?! It was very delicious, right, Elysse?!

PS - Yay for me for posting pictures the day we took them! Success! Retropost coming soon...


becca olsen said...

good for you posting the same day.. i should follow your good example.. i've been bad a posting lately.. Looks like you guys had fun! I can't wait to take the cousins swimming together!

Natalie said...

You know I'm with you on the cold water thing! (Pretty much gotta get me to Hawaii to get into the water.) What a fun night and great pictures! Why are little girls' swimming suits SO cute and so hard to resist buying?