Sunday, 21 June 2009

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

Dear Daddy,

We love you and miss you! We wish we were there with you today. We think you are an amazing daddy and we are so grateful for everything you do for us.

Here is Elysse showing you what she made for you in nursery today. The picture has some ducks at a lake and a licorice and a sucker, which she is eating right now. I had to bribe her with it to get her to smile for the pictures! I told her that I thought the sucker was for you and she said, "Well, I can just lick it until Daddy comes home."

I also thought you'd appreciate their Hawaiian-themed dresses. Elysse is cute in the first one and Chanelle is cute in the second one, so maybe you can do a head switch?!

Elysse wrote this all by herself!

And one more little Father's Day treat for you:

Love, Elysse, Chanelle and Mommy

PS - Did you get your (unfinished) Father's Day present? We hope you like it!

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