Sunday, 28 June 2009

Paradise Cove

Today was great! Auntie and Kyle got here early this afternoon, and we went straight to the beach! We decided to try a new beach, so we drove up to Paradise Cove, Malibu, and would definitely go back. Elysse got knocked over by a wave, but other than that (and the minor tantrum she had when she thought I was going to tell her it was time to go) she loved it! She and Kyle played in the sand the entire time. And the other good part about the day was that Chanelle took a bottle! (Gramma, can you hear the excitement in my voice?!) That is the first time she has taken a bottle since we left Edmonton, so it's a huge relief. We kind of starved her all day, so hopefully we can continue the trend without denying her food! Here are some pictures and videos from our day - enjoy!


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Natalie said...

How great your Auntie and Kyle could join you! Paradise Cove looks fabulous. Wish we were there...