Thursday, 18 June 2009

We Made It!

"I want to go right no-ow!" This is how our trip started and ended. Elysse was so anxious to go to California that she couldn't stop saying this as Mom and I were loading the car on Sunday. She even put herself in her carseat and cried when we had to take her out to load some stuff. Then tonight when we got here, she kept asking, "Does Susan have toys?" (We're staying in Susan's condo.) We told her that we were going to make a shopping trip tomorrow (Target, here we come!) so she could pick out a few puzzles and toys, as the toy box was one we left at home when we ran out of room in the car. So then she says, "I want to go right now!" We laughed.

So after over 3000 km, we are here in South Pasadena, California. The kids were AMAZINGLY good the whole way down. Not one fit or tantrum or anything. As we pulled into the city tonight, they were both happy and talking (or babbling in Chanelle's case). What good girls!

Driving right from Edmonton to LA allowed us to see some amazing landscapes. Today we drove through the Mojave desert and it was 39 degrees (of the Celsius variety!). Then when we pulled into LA, it was 32! Perfect!

Here we are upon pulling into LA.

Last night we stayed in Las Vegas. We were on the 25th floor of the MGM Grand, and Elysse started conversations with everyone! Especially in the elevator... one time the elevator had at least 10 people in it. She told each person we were on floor 25 and asked them all what floor they were on. Then she told them all that her name was Elysse and she was three and she just had a birthday on April 18. Oh, and Snow White came to her birthday party. They all thought it was pretty funny, but the funniest part was that we were leaving the elevator and the door was about to close and she says to them, "So, how are you doing?"

One more funny Elysse quote (I mostly write these here so I don't forget them): We had a really awesome breakfast at the Grand Buffet this morning. Elysse had tons, but still wanted a bit of the little donut I had on my plate. (I'm embarassed to admit I had a donut. I never take them. NEVER! But today I couldn't resist. I think the maple icing reminded me of Canada.) I was hesitant to let her have more, so she says, "The flower in my heart says he really needs it." Where does this stuff come from?!

Here are a few pictures from Vegas.

At the Rainforest Cafe. It took some doing to convince Elysse the animals were pretend animals.

And here's Mom and Elysse at our picnic lunch in St. George.

That's all for now. More to come!


becca olsen said...

I'm glad you made it to cali safely and that the girls were good during the trip! I'm liking all these updates!

Jordana said...

What a relief to be done that road trip, and that the girls were such good little travellers makes it even better. I love hearing funny Elysses stories, she's hilarious!