Saturday, 8 August 2009

Almost Done!

The end is near! Tonight was our recital for first and second years, and it went really well. We each conducted the piece that we chose and had three rehearsals to get it ready with the choir. I chose a piece called Remember Me, composed by Stephen Chatman, who lives in Vancouver, and with text by Christina Rossetti. I'll get a clip up soon if I can. I even had the opportunity to speak with Stephen Chatman on the phone regarding the song, which was really cool.

Mom even came back for the concerts tonight and tomorrow night, which I am so happy about. It was so nice to have her in the audience, especially since she's never seen me conduct before. And I sang a solo tonight, so she got to see that, too - that doesn't usually happen since I don't really do solos. Chanelle and Elysse both came to the concert and were so good the whole time. Elysse gave me a big thumbs up after I conducted, and at the end of the concert, she told every single person, "Great job singing!"

Here's Mom and Elysse at the airport

Chanelle crawled into Mom's suitcase as soon as she could

In the dress rehearsal

The second years - we have a lot of fun together

After the concert, Chanelle was tuckered out and Elysse said she was tired of smiling

Grace, Thania, and I after the concert (and Elysse)

Anyway, it was a fun night, and it's done! Yay! Now one more concert tomorrow night for the third years, and then that's it for Summer #2!!


Natalie said...

I soo wish I was there, Lyndsey, I can't even describe it! How great it is that your Mom was able to come back for your concerts - that just makes it so much more special. Congrats, I'm so proud of you!

We're heading to Edm tomorrow - I'll try calling from there...

Christy said...

Yippee Lynds, I bet there is some relief now. Good work. I'd love to hear that song. And I wish I was there to hear you sing a solo too.
Can't wait till you come home.