Sunday, 22 November 2009

Chanelle is 1!

I realize that this is an obscene amount of pictures for one blog post... but I know my family will appreciate them since they couldn't all be here for the birthday events. And Mom will love them even though she was here!!

When we talk about Chanelle, we always say, "Oh, Chanelle..." She sure is special. And by special, I mean spazmotic. I don't know another word for it! It's become a bit of a joke in the family. But most of the time, she is a wonderful, happy little girl. She's walking (with her hands by her head), talking a bit (mama, dada, hi, up, wow, uh oh, and a few more I'm forgetting), she does the ASL signs for "all done" and "down" really well, she laughs at everything Elysse does and watches her every move, she instantly responds to any music she hears - loves to dance and sing, and LOVES experimenting with her voice - it's hilarious. She loves to cuddle, until she doesn't, and then she throws all her weight backwards (it's lucky we haven't dropped her yet!). She's just gotten very good at blowing bubbles in her swimming class. She waves at everyone - picture a baby version of the queen wave. Dave was driving with her, and noticed the lady beside him smiling - he looked back and Chanelle was waving at her. She likes to pretend everything is a phone into which she repeats, "hi!" And she seems to be very interested in shoes, though she does come by that honestly! We love you, Chanelley Belly!

brand new

2 months

6 months

9 months

1 year

And here begins the birthday festivites...

And we're done!


Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Chanelle!!

Dave said...

Love my little beebeedeep!