Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Funny Girl

Oh, Elysse. You make me laugh.

There haven't been as many "Elysseisms" as there used to be, but oh, her mannerisms. This little girl has personality. It cracks me up. (Most of the time.) Her little shoulder shrugs and head shakes are hilarious, though she never knows why I'm laughing. Anyway, the funny little things she does are hard to describe here, so I'll share one recent Elysseism.

There were two ambulances parked outside the Y as we were coming out from her swimming lessons.
E: Are those firetrucks, Mom?
L: No, those are ambulances.
E: Why are they here?
L: Someone must have gotten hurt.
E: Are they the bandaiders?

Too cute!


Brittany Anne Nielsen said...

Elysse is so adorable!

Andrew said...

She really is - totally adorable.