Friday, 4 December 2009


There's not much else to say. Even though we live in Edmonton and should be used to this, for some reason it always comes as a surprise.

Today we got 20 cm of snow! That's almost 8 inches.

It started snowing at 6 am, and continued until tonight. It might still be snowing now. I shut the blinds. It always makes me wonder why we live here? It's uncivilized at times like these, but then the other seasons are so beautiful...

Anyway, up til today, we've had an unusually warm fall (with the exception of one week in October). This picture is from Nov. 17. I think we got above 0 everyday in November, and broke many records along the way.

And here's today.

Dave is clearing the driveway with the bobcat. I'm guessing we'll have some neighbours bringing us cookies tomorrow...

And here's another wow.

This is one of those, "Oh, Chanelle" moments. Though this picture is from a while ago, it pretty much sums up the past 3 or 4 days. Who am I kidding?? This has been the past year!

Can you tell I'm a wee bit exasperated? And partially deaf from all the screaming. I'm not kidding - my ear hurts.

And a few more pictures from lately. Last week we drove down to Calgary for one night. Natalie, one of my best friends was up with her family from Utah, and Kailey, another one of my best friends, just moved to Calgary in September. Definitely worth the drive down to see these two, even for one night. We sure missed Allison, the A in our KLAN. But we had a great late night dinner - hopefully our husbands didn't mind us ignoring them the whole time!

I'll have to dig out some of my old KLAN pictures and do a side-by-side with this one. We'll just photoshop your face in, Al!

Even though it was only one night, it felt like a little holiday. We stayed at Kevin and Nat's house (different Natalie!), our good friends who have moved across the country and back. We just stayed with them in Montreal in May, and now they live in Calgary, so even before they could get completely settled, we stayed with them again! (Sorry, Nat!) We always have such an awesome time together. Here are a few pictures of the kids decorating cookies and at the Santa display in Southcentre, which was really beautiful!

So, to conclude this post as positively as possible, let me say that I am grateful for great friends, yummy food, warm weather, the way snow looks, and especially for Chanelle's quiet, happy moments.

Happy shoveling to all our Albertan friends!

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Natalie said...

You can take your entire last paragraph and insert you-know-who's name instead of Chanelle's and the words could have come from my mouth. We're so glad you came to stay with us and hope you come back soon!
(Just a few more days til you'll have warmer weather - hang in there!)