Sunday, 21 February 2010

Good Morning, Gramma and Papa!

Here is a special post, dedicated to my grandparents who are enjoying the sun in Arizona. They check our blog faithfully, and we have been less than faithful at updating it. So here are some pictures of the latest goings-on up here. We miss you and love you!

Chanelle playing dress-up

the girls in front of the pillow cases "Auntie Lala" made for them

building a snow slide in the backyard with Dad on a very nice day

watching the Opening Ceremonies in our Canada gear

Elysse with her valentine, Blake
the Olsons (minus Kevin) came for a quick Valentine's breakfast


family day - i love how Dave and I are the ones that look stunned in this picture, instead of the kids!

skating on the lake
hockey on the lake
Elysse is learning how to skate!

We love all that, but we sure miss this:

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Natalie said...

Fabulous pictures! The one where Elysse has her arm around Blake is priceless and the ones of you in Hawaii just might get me through the remaining weeks of winter. You look so wonderfully tanned and relaxed.