Saturday, 27 March 2010

Easy Easter Treats

I can't remember where I've seen these before, but somebody more creative than me came up with this super cute (and super easy) idea:

Rice Krispie square nests with Mini Eggs!

The best part about these are the mini eggs, so don't use anything but the good ones! Or if you do, don't share them with me! (just kidding, of course - I will happily take any food shared with me!)

Elysse did almost everything in the "making" process, with the exception of greasing the mini bundt pans. If you don't have mini bundt or mini tube cake pans, I think well-greased hands could form the sticky mixture into a shape quite similar, and maybe even more nest-like.

The construction paper leaves were the best I could come up with for packaging these treats.

I'm sure someone will have a better idea. Please let me know if you do! And while you're at, please pass along your Easter treats.

Next, I'm thinking of something more traditional like hot cross buns or paska bread... I'll let you know how it goes.


krystyn said...

linds, i added you to my blog list hope thats ok? i love these little egg nests, i think we'll make some tomorrow, greta will be in heaven!

Kailey and Caleb said...

I like all the new long blog posts! Keep it up! I miss you!!