Sunday, 14 March 2010

Oh so good.

I'm not sure that words can describe how delicious this date was.

Dave and I took a break from our chores Saturday afternoon, as I had planned a date to a secret spot. I was looking forward to this for a month (looking forward to the date, but especially the food!).

Anyway, this isn't a restaurant review, so I won't go into much detail. But if you are in Edmonton, go to the Duchess Bake Shop on 124th Street. Prepare to spend a little bit of money - it's definitely not cheap.
But worth every penny.

So worth it.

about to enjoy croissant sandwiches -
he had tomato, bocconcini, and fresh basil
and i had pastrami and seedy mustard

(in Edmonton)
in Dave's words, that was the best sandwich he ever had

nerdy picture, but that's how happy I was

this was life changing.
the pastry was the perfect crunchiness.
the custard was the perfect not-too-sweet.
and the fruit just made it more perfect.

some of the delicacies. definitely going to try the sour cherry pie next time. we purchased at least 6 of the different treats shown in these pictures.
the pain du chocolat and macarons (all the little coloured cookies in the next picture) - i didn't know they could be that good.

I love that they have mini cakes and pies and tarts. Can't wait to try the shop's namesake, the duchess cake (green cakes above) and everything else. I WILL try everything, take my word for it!

Once they get some art up on the walls, and maybe a bit more seating, it will be the perfect Saturday spot. If you come see me, we will go there.

Please come see me.

of course we had to bring Elysse a pink macaron
(It's sad, but it was hard for me to part with it. I really wanted to try the strawberry one, and I wasn't sure a 3 year old could appreciate a $1.75 cookie that was the size of a loonie. I consoled myself with a coconut macaron.
And a lemon one.
And a bite of Dave's dark chocolate one.)


mijustin said...

What a great review! Loved the photos (especially of Elysse trying the pink macaron at the end).

I posted a link to your review on the Duchess website:

Natalie said...

I love that you love good sweets as much as I do! The pain au chocolat is call my name....

(I just got a recipe for macarons and am DYING to try them myself.)