Saturday, 22 May 2010

A Link and A Question

If you use time outs with your kids, read this article, by the same author as the last link I posted:

Time-Out! Coaching Preschoolers to Social Success

Dave and I always try to end time outs with a "teaching moment" and I loved how Amanda (from Not Just Cute) describes this in a sports metaphor (using Coach Krzyzewski of Duke's champion NCAA team)-

"Imagine a coach like Coach K calling a time-out and saying, “You guys aren’t playing very well.” Then he just sits all his players down on the bench while he leaves to make a phone call or clean up some spilled popcorn a few rows up. Then, when the 30 seconds allotted for that time-out have expired, he walks back to the team and says, “OK, you can go back out now. I want you to play better, OK?”


"When Coach K calls a time-out, he gives his players a chance to catch their breath and refocus. He gives clear and concise directions and expectations. Then he sends his players back out with a plan."

She also talks about helping the child make retribution. I'm going to work on the "helping" part. Instead of telling Elysse she must clean all the marker up by herself and can't do anything else until it's clean, I will help her.

Loving these tips!
Thanks, Amanda!

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And on another note, I need help!

As you might have noticed, I've taken over our "family" blog with recipes, kitchen gadgets, and parenting resources, so I'm starting a new one!

It's going to be called, "Pinkies Up" (I'll explain later), but the "pinkiesup" blogspot address isn't available.

Any other ideas?

Dave's idea was: "fifth digit elevated" (we can't decide if it's lame or witty). And we tossed around a few other ideas, but nothing wonderful.

Let me know if you have a good idea, and I will think of something special to reward you with. Perhaps a pineapple peeler/slicer/corer?

Happy long weekend!


Heather said...

Pinkiesup promise, or promisepinkiesup.kind lame but juts throwing out some ideas

Dave said...

Since I already have access to your peelers/slicers/corers my motivations are altruistic, unfortunately my idea was totally lame.

I hope you have some creative readers because when it comes to the more refined things in life, the french language aside, I'm a bit under-qualified.

Natalie said...

prettypleaseandpinkies or peasnques, psnqs, psandqs.. something along the please and thankQ line???

Natalie said...

Hmmm, I will think about it and let you know if I come up with anything clever.

I trust that you won't add any unnecessary z's or such. (pinkiez up!). That is one of my biggest pet peeves. I know, I am weird.

Jen Harford said...

I agree. No unnecessary z's please.

What about Spiced Pinkies Up or Baked PInkies Up. Relate it to your specialty or signature when cooking. I love baking and cooking tasty gluten free items. If I had a blog about food I would be creative but bring the name back to the bottom line. So perhaps along those lines maybe?