Wednesday, 13 October 2010


It's kind of weird, but I can't think of anything to write these days! So here is the past month in pictures...

Chanelle doesn't eat much, but she LOVES hummus - she loves it so much that she eats it with her fingers!

Elysse in her favourite "cowgirl boots."

Amy straightened Elysse's hair and they had a little photo shoot.

Chanelle woke up so happy one day - what a cutie.

Bonfire and smores!

They just stopped to give each other hugs and say, "I love you" on our walk one day.

Fun with cousins at the corn maze.

Chanelle makes the funniest faces.

Such a cute picture of Owen and Chanelle.

Elysse and Uncle Nima.

Chanelle in Elysse's shoes - she is always wearing someone's shoes.

Friday night family date to Tasty Tom's on Whyte and Leva for gelato.

Chanelle's two favourite things lately: wearing princess dresses...

and putting her fingers in her nose.

Halloween crafts - thanks, Gramma!

A visit with Grandma Joyce and Grandpa Lowell on Grandpa's 84th birthday.

We've had such beautiful weather, we spent Saturday afternoon in the river valley.

Looking for rocks!

And again with the finger in the nose... Oh dear.

What sweet girls.


Brittany Anne Nielsen said...

i just love this post!! your girls are adorable!!

brooklyn said...

Oh your girls are so cute! I love the way you dress them. Chenelle is so pretty. I can't wait to see what she'll look like as she gets older. In my opinion, the posts with millions of pictures are the best!

nichole said...

I don't think my girls have ever even tasted hummus. And the finger in the nose, we are still struggling with that. Beautiful photos. Such priceless memories! Hey, my blog has gone private. But if you want me to add you, just email me at