Friday, 25 February 2011

Blowing Hearts!

These might be my favourite Valentines ever!

Cute story: some of Elysse's friends from dance asked her, "How do you blow hearts like that?" It was pretty cute watching her try to teach them how to hold their hands and put their lips so hearts would come out!

I found the idea on Etsy, but wasn't about to pay for it when I have a husband with stellar photoshop skills. It didn't take him too long, and I love how they turned out! And the best part was that there was no writing involved... (Did I deprive Elysse of not writing the names of all her classmates?!) Something I do need to think about, though: We gave candy, as did almost everyone else in her class. So I asked myself, when did Valentine's turn into Halloween? Now I'm trying to think of what to fill the bags with next year...

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jolainek said...

These are adorable!!