Wednesday, 9 March 2011

A Good Day

This is how much dough and mashed potatoes I had left after making perogies today. And I totally guessed on amounts! I guess I'm a perogy-making pro now, hey Mom?!

So, my stellar guessing skills displayed above, a day full of sunshine, running errands with a super-cute Chanelle (compared to her not-so-cute alter ego which we saw earlier this evening), a few solitary minutes at Superstore, being ahead of the game by getting Elysse's birthday present today (and on sale - yay me!), a fun playdate this afternoon, a good news email, McDonalds for supper, a long talk on the phone with my mom, and Modern Family in three minutes (probably accompanied by some Rolo ice cream) all equal a very good day.

Update: Modern Family is a repeat, so I'm skipping the ice cream and heading to bed... That is probably a better ending to my good day anyway, right?

Let's end with a picture Dave took... Cute!

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1 comment:

Natalie said...

That was a wonderful day! (Mine was less than desireable, but completely my own fault. I stayed up too late last night and we all paid for it today!)