Friday, 8 April 2011

Rainbow Cakes - Pick One!!

Elysse has told me numerous times today... "10 days until it's my birthday!" I was feeling very prepared - I booked the party months ago, bought her present, planned the family dinner, and we even have her actual birthday planned out. As I write all that, it seems kind of epic, but that's how we do birthdays! In my family we call them Ukranian birthdays because they just keep going!

Anyway, the part I don't have planned is the cake. I don't really love making or decorating cakes... Dave gets way more into it than I do! But I remember how fun it is to have a fun birthday cake, so if Elysse wants a rainbow cake, I guess I'll make a rainbow cake!! The only question is which one... (I guess I need two - one for the party and one for the dinner?)

Elysse's favourite:

(I'm not crazy about all the white gunk! Whipping cream?)

A similar idea but with fondant... Looks better, but I'd probably still do it with icing.

(I feel much better about the reduced size of "white gunk!")

Love the top layer of this one! Probably not going to happen though!

Slightly simpler:

Candy rainbow... Not as cute but the kids would love it?

I also like the idea of the rainbow standing on top of the cake. What could I make it out of?

Could be fun?

Good old Martha... Love this one, but it seems like a ton of icing!

Same idea, but no icing between each layer. I like this idea, but Elysse is firm on her favourite!

Rainbow icing? Too much work?

Okay, please help me decide! One vote for party, one vote for family dinner, and feel free to combine ideas!!

PS - This isn't a rainbow cake at all, but I loved the Van Gogh "Starry Night" cake. Very impressive!

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krystyn said...

i say #2 or #4 to make life more simple but still cute! i made rainbow cupcakes for Greta's 3rd birthday and they we're AMAZING! everyone ooh'd an ahhh'd, and they would be less work than a whole cake i think? maybe the same, i dont know, check this out:

Jordana said...

So fun! I did a rainbow cake for Jayna when she turned 3 and she loved it! Mine was more similar to #4 and it was so simple to decorate. The inside was like the Martha Stewart one but with way less icing between each layer. You could use marshmallow cream or marshmallows and icing for the clouds, I think I used the mini marshmallow and icing combo on Jayna's. Can't wait to see what you decide to do!