Saturday, 12 November 2011

The Never-Ending (Halloween) Story

Well, we've had our first snowfall, and I thought I better get some Halloween pictures up before we really get in Christmas mode.  Not to mention that my family has been asking for Halloween pictures for a while now... sorry!!  

So here they are... our butterfly and our witch.  They were pretty cute, and they got to wear their costumes quite a few times!  I was looking forward to all the Halloween festivities... at first...

Chanelle at her playschool Halloween party (Thursday)
Elysse on her way to our Halloween concert for choir (Thursday)
Elysse and Jenna at the concert
the concert

Mary Poppins and Bert on our way to a Halloween party

Saturday came, and, though I was already tiring of Halloween, I had everything to make caramel apples, so I thought we better give it a try.  I saw them on a blog and they looked so pretty.  Let me just say that ours turned out MUCH less than pretty...

I think that will be the first and last time we make them... Just looking at all that sugar makes me want to go brush my teeth!

Then it was finally Halloween.  What a long day it was.

Elysse at her Masquerade Party at school

we still hadn't carved our pumpkins by Halloween afternoon... so we got out the paint and Sharpies, and I let them go crazy! 
getting ready to go trick-or-treating with some of the cousins
scary faces
doesn't this remind you of this?!
Mike, Becca, Bentley and Jackson dresses up as Captain Hook, Tiger Lily (or Lily Tiger, as Chanelle says), Peter Pan, and a Lost Boy - they looked so good!

Then we finally went trick-or-treating.  

Isn't that what Halloween used to be?  Just trick-or-treating?? 

It finally ended.


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Sarah Willett said...

I love all your costumes Livvy's fav is Chanelle she loves the hungry caterpillar so much. Great Job