Monday, 12 December 2011

The Dance Extravaganza

Saturday December 10th was Dance Extravaganza day around our parts, ie: Elysse and Chanelle's dance show.

The production goes as follows:
  • Get dance clothes on (this is always exiting for the girls)
  • Get hair done (less exciting)
  • Drive to the UofA (less exciting for dad because of the Butterdome craft sale and the Nutcracker which were both in full swing when we were trying to arrive:)
  • Drop off the ladies (Lyndsey gets the girls met up with their classes)
  • Dad finds parking (and plots the best path through indoor ped-ways to get back to the car)
  • Find great seats that friends have saved for us
  • Enjoy other people's cute little kids jumping and fluttering around the stage
  • Watch Chanelle's number through the video camera (Lyndsey) and through the lens between snaps (Dave)
  • Watch 13 other numbers of cute little kids (and some big kids too)
  • Watch Elysse's number through the video camera (Lyndsey) and through the lens between snaps (Dave)
  • Watch another several numbers of the cruise ship production the dance company puts on
  • Pick the kids up from the stage after they see Santa (in the same order they performed!)
  • Give them their flowers (Pink rose for Chanelle, Yellow for Elysse)
  • Form a trail behind the father duck navigating through the pedways to the parkade
  • Rush off so we can get ready to roll for the Messiah production (that's another post…)

As exciting as those details were, here's what you've actually been waiting for:




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Kate said...

oh my gracious! too adorable! thanks for sharing!