Saturday, 5 May 2007

I like May

Today is sweet! Not because Lyndsey and Elysse are gone; actually I was just looking at pictures on the blog and I'm missing them lots.

Today is sweet because it is finally sunny after all that rain, and not that fake sunny that we get most of the year when the sun is out but nothing else is really nice.

Today is also sweet cause I'm going to Nima's to watch the Mayweather vs. De la Hoya fight. Supposedly Fifty is going to be accompanying Mayweather's entrance with some new song, sweet!

Here is a snap shot of how awesome I feel...

Yikes! Webcam pictures never flatter!

I know, not so tanned as in Hawaii (sorry all my facebook friends, but as if you don't choose your best pic for your profile); anyway, I'm hitting the tanning beds now so that next winter when we go to visit Mike & Becca I can get a new facebook picture all bronzed up and sweet looking.

Till next time...

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