Friday, 20 April 2007

As the Months fly by

(converted over from the now defunct sweet peas and beans website)

As the months fly by our little family is evolving.

  • Elysse is now 1, her birthday party will be this Saturday. It is incredible the things she can do now. I'm sure I'm a proud father but I think she is so smart!
  • There are some dandy pictures and videos to be seen on the Olsen family Web
  • Each day after Hawaii seems like one day too long
  • Lyndsey got accepted to her masters in choral conduction program in California. We're proud of her!
  • We're running out of room with all the new toys and other items that come with a baby
  • Lyndsey and Dave are performing at a Church road show event. That should be interesting.

Well, that is today in our life.

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