Wednesday, 10 December 2008

A Conversation with a 2-Year-Old and Chanelle is 1-Month-Old!

While helping Elysse put on her boots to go to the grocery store, she had her hands on my shoulders and we had the following conversation, totally out of the blue:

E: Mommy, you're pretty.
L: Thanks, Elysse. You're beautiful, too.
E: No, I'm not beautiful, I'm just a sweetieheart. Daddy calls me Sweetieheart sometimes.
L: That's because he loves you so much.
E: Yeah, and Cargo loves me so much.

Cargo is Grandma and Grandpa Olsen's dog, and Elysse talks about him all the time. Dave often asks her, "Who loves you, Elysse?" And Elysse's first answer is always Cargo!

As for the other little girl in our family, I am so proud to say that Chanelle can now smile! She's actually been doing it for a week (in my opinion), but today, when she is one month old, Dave and Elysse also witnessed her biggest smile yet. I love it! It's neat because Elysse's first smile was also exactly a month after she was born.

Chanelle's blessing was on Sunday and we had a really nice day with lots of friends and family. Mom was up for the weekend and we managed to fit a lot into three days including shopping, the Butterdome Craft Sale, Mom took Elysse to Bright Nights at Hawrelak Park and to see Santa (another funny story I'll write about later), a busy Sunday, and Mom watched the girls on Monday while I got almost all of my Christmas shopping done. It was a wonderful weekend - thank you so much, Mom!

We'll post some new pictures soon!

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