Thursday, 18 December 2008

Daddy Daughter Date

Dad & Elysse went on a daddy daughter date the weekend before last; I needed some Sunday shoes so we made a date out of it.

First, we went to Gravity Pope (shoe store on Whyte Ave) and spent forever looking at shoes. On the walk there Elysse asked if we could build a snowman. I told her we couldn't because the snow needed to be warmer so it could stick together. We later past Julio's (mexican restaurant) and Elysse said "I want to go there!!!" but I just figured we'd have a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch.

At the shoe store, after I had finally figured out which shoes I would get to replace the ones that have holes in the soles, I saw these really cute shoes that I thought might fit Elysse. I'm not normally much of a shopper but these were on sale x2, and fit, and they were super sweet, so we got them.

Walking away from the store we passed Julio's again... Elysse said "Daddy, I want to go in there, it's fun!" I'm apparently a push over because I agreed. We had taco salad & a quesadilla, and Elysse was dancing in her chair to the music!

In the mean time it had started to drizzle just a tiny bit, it had also warmed up a few degrees, so it was perfect snowman weather. Needless to say we built a formidable bonnehomme de neige (some might recognize the Old Strathcona high school in the background). In the end Elysse was more than 2 hours past her nap time.

Overall: Fun Time!

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Jordana said...

What a fun day, Jayna loves being Gibb's little buddy too! Those shoes are awesome, it sounds like the late nap was so worth it!