Sunday, 14 June 2009

Here we go again...

Anyone ever been to Butte, Montana? Well, that's where I am. I'm sitting in the Butte Plaza Inn surrounded by my sleeping family. And considering I got a meager three hours of sleep last night (Elysse was up, then Chanelle was up, then Elysse was sick - you parents of two+ know what this is like!) I should really be sleeping, too. But I am going to try to be better about keeping up with the blog this summer, and now's my chance to have some quality time with my macbook.

So here we are in Butte, on our way to California for summer #2 of my masters program. Here are two memorable quotes from the day:

At the border, Elysse pointed out the American flag, so I asked her who the president of the United States was. "Barrackoli" was her reply. (Read: broccoli - too funny!)

Then later, Elysse asked, "Are we going to California?" I said, "Yes, but right now we're in Montana." She said, "Yeah, we're in Hannah Montana!" Who taught her about Hannah Montana?! Rachel? Becky? Jessie? Anyway, it made us laugh.

And here is the only photo I took today, upon our arrival at the hotel:


Sarah Willett said...

I am soooo sad we will not see you when you come down :( Livvy is on my lap while I am writing and looking at your girls saying "baby baby" She loves to see pictures of the cousins.

Dave said...

I love you Lynz! That picture of Elysse and Chanelle is killing me... they are so cute, I miss you all!

I hope your trip is going good, and I can't wait to come down!

(don't worry I'll send you an email soon so the whole world doesn't have to read all our mushy stuff)

Natalie said...

I see you made if off! Too bad you're already sleep deprived, but I'm hoping you'll have a day or two to recover before you jump in head first. Has it really been a month since you left?! Miss you tons! Hopefully, this week we'll know more about where we'll be in a month - I'd still really like to come down to visit if I can swing it. What's your # down there again?