Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Still Heading South!

Finally! After a year of craving Cafe Rio, we had our fill last night in Salt Lake City. Too bad it's not coming to Canada anytime soon...

We were walking back to the hotel, and Elysse started laughing and said, "Mom, take a picture! That face is too big for the car!" She was laughing hysterically - I should have taken her picture.

This morning we went to the Discovery Gateway, a children's museum in Salt Lake. It was so fun, and the perfect distraction from driving 2000 km for Elysse.

Here she is in the Kid's Eye View Grocery Store. She loved it, which makes sense since she is constantly pretending to go to her imaginary grocery store. She generally brings home bread, but here she is shopping for corn.

Chanelle had fun watching. You can't see it here, but she now has her two front bottom teeth!

After that, we had lunch on temple square then drove to St. George. Mom was pretty tired, but still found the energy to take Elysse swimming tonight. Good thing she doesn't mind the chilly water, or Elysse would never get to go swimming!

So, the drive has been really good this far, and I think we've done just over 1500 km. The girls have both been great - Elysse has been having 3 hour naps in the afternoons! That never happens! And Chanelle is a good little traveller - she plays and sleeps, and one time she got fussy, so I put a Baby Einstein DVD on for her, and that kept her busy til our next stop. How did we travel before portable DVD players?! Anyway, tomorrow we're driving to Vegas, and then California the next day!

Daddy, we sure love you and miss you!

Thank you for the pictures of the rose bush! Elysse wants to see a picture of the hens and chicks - maybe you could post one?

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