Saturday, 2 January 2010

Good morning from Hawaii

Aloha everyone!

We finally made it safe and sound to Hawaii, so let me finish the tale of our voyage over "many waters" with explanations of the pictures that follow.

With food voucher food filling our bellies we sat on the tarmac for 2 hours. A couple of passengers were detained by customs so we were waiting for the airline to sort through all the baggage in the plane to remove their bags. Thankfully Lyndsey managed to get a hold of the WestJet book of jokes (by Just for Laughs [no jokes, they really have one]) and we had some chuckles looking at the scripted jokes.

Take-off was un-eventful, that means no blown tires. This was followed by a lot of sleeping, not because of a late New Year's Eve but because we were exhausted from being up so early, standing in lines, flying part-way out into the pacific, having a panic attack, turning back, standing in more lines, waiting for hotel shuttles, getting up early, standing in more lines, and finally starting our voyage again.

Needless to say, we (and the entire plane) were relieved and super excited when we safely landed in Hawaii. As we were approaching and you could see the beaches of Waikiki Elysse kept screeching "We're going to be in Hawaii!!!" When we landed she was quick to point out that we in fact were in Hawaii because there were palm trees!

Mike and Mark met us a the airport and we picked up the rental cars and headed to the house. It was a bit of an epic feat having all the Olsen boys in the Hawaii at the same time (although we had all been here before at one time or another), so we decided that we needed a picture.

And to cap off the adventure, I woke up to this view from my bedroom this morning!!!

Who knows if I'll add anymore to the adventure book before we leave, we may be to busy having fun. Till next time...

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Brittany Anne Nielsen said...

i'm so jealous of your trip. i'd love to go there again! i love the picture of the brothers! i have great cousins.