Wednesday, 6 January 2010

A very quick update from beautiful Hawaii

DISCLAIMER: Journal style blog post to follow. Extensive use of lists of events, it helps us remember what we did.

Surfed in the break out from the Beach House, played in the big waves at Waimea Bay, the guys bought some surfboards, eaten at Kua Aina Burger in Haliewa.

Went to church, visited the Hawaii Temple & Visitors center where we took pictures, played Razzle Dazzle (hilarious card game the Jon taught us), and had communal meal of Taco Salad which was awesome!

Surfed in the morning outside the beach house, Becca & Lynz took the kids to the zoo in Waikiki, we played & surfed at Waikiki Beach (Dave got a bit fried & a ridiculous tan line that will be documented in a later post), walked the strip a bit, everybody ate at Costco and then stocked up on supplies.

Had early morning surf way out from beach house, Dave had nap to recoup from his hours of paddling for 1 wave, surfed again, played at the beach, Lyndsey surfed, Elysse finally got really brave with the water and played in the shore-break, surfed again, had another communal meal of Chicken Salad sandwiches in Croissants with raw veggies and pita chips w/hummus.

Oh yeah, on two occasions so far we have arrived home and plopped an exhausted Elysse on the stairs where she exhibited signs of childhood-sleep-anywhere-itis. We'll see how many more times this happens.

The plethora of pictures should loosely follow the chronology described above with the exception of the first picture which I forgot to post before of us arriving at HNL Airport.

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Natalie said...

Glorious Hawaii! You look like you're having a fabulous time and soaking up some beautiful sunshine. Love the pictures, but the ones of Elysse asleep on the stairs are classic.