Friday, 14 May 2010

None of these pictures are amazing, but they remind me that Chanelle is generally happy, because this week she really hasn't been!

My friend Chelsie and her new baby, Cooper, came for a visit. The girls LOVED him. At one point, I found Chanelle in his carseat, with his soother in her mouth, and she had the biggest smile. Too bad I didn't have the camera then!

Chanelle dancing up a storm at a wedding we went to.

Dave teaching Elysse the YMCA.

The girls doing yoga. This is the only position Chanelle can really do, but she tries all the other ones! It's pretty cute. Elysse LOVES doing yoga.

This will freak my mom out, but our door doesn't really latch sometimes, and Chanelle went outside. Mom, I was watching her the whole time, but I thought it was funny, so I left her out there long enough to get a picture!

At Pyper's (Nathan & Brittany's little girl) first birthday party with my little buddy, Jackson (Mark & Tasha's little guy). He is insanely cute.

Even though I told Elysse it was Pyper's party (not HER'S!), she was allowed to help blow out the candle. How does she always manage to get into the spotlight? I don't think Pyper minded, though.

She was trying to get her sunglasses on her head like mine.

When we pass the little carousel rides at the mall, I always say no. I finally said yes, and I took pictures to prove it!

We went on a cupcake date last night. I couldn't get a normal smile out of Elysse!
(We went to Fuss on Whyte Ave. I think I liked them better the first time I had them. I'm looking forward to trying Hey Cupcake in Sherwood Park next time.)

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Oler Family said...

what cute pictures! I love the dresses they wore to the wedding and the yoga picture is priceless. I've heard hey cupcake is sooo good. I'm dying to try the peanut butter one.