Wednesday, 12 May 2010

So far this week...

  • I called the cable company to ask for a free pvr, and got one! Good bye commercials.
  • I spent 2 1/2 hours waiting at a walk-in clinic with a sick Chanelle and a hungry Elysse (Thankfully, they were both so great the whole time - partly thanks to the nice new mom sitting beside us who had an imaginary tea party with Elysse. I love it when random people are nice to my kids, but I couldn't believe this mom - brand new baby, still recovering from a c-section, no sleep, and suffering with a kidney infection, and took the time to tell Elysse her imaginary cookies were delicious).
  • I actually spent the majority of today doing "sick" errands - offering Chanelle anything and everything I could think of to drink and eat, filling prescriptions, picking up pee-collecting bags from the lab, returning full pee bags to the lab and trying to transfer it to a tiny container (how is that possible?!), taking temperatures and giving baths. (I think it's a bladder infection, but I guess we'll find out soon.)
  • I have been very grateful for the beautiful sunshine and time spent outside walking, in friends' backyards, at the park, and reading stories to Elysse on the deck.
  • I have watched the video of Elysse's dance for her year end show about 10 times, trying to learn it so I can help her with it. Still have "Oh mister sun, sun, mister golden sun..." in my head.
  • I have commented on friends' pictures and statuses on facebook and then wondered if my house would be cleaner if I hadn't done that... the jury's still out on that one.
  • I lead a youth activity at church - tried to teach 40-some teenagers about conducting and singing, but the funnest part was a "name that hymn" game that involved wheelbarrow racing and many laughs.
  • I then spent 2 hours rehearsing one song with a great group of singers for a recording session on Saturday. I was reminded how much I love making music with great singers - so much fun.
  • I have looked at sheets that need to be washed, a bathroom that needs to be cleaned, toys that need to be put away, hamburger that needs to be cooked (it's going in the garbage), and passed. For now, anyway. I find it so hard to do housework when the sun is shining! (And when it's not.)
  • I watched Elysse sitting tall with her legs crossed, feeding Chanelle and telling her to "focus." It was so funny. Later that night she had a spaz, verging on a tantrum. Little lady to spaz child in 30 minutes. Mercy...
What day is it? I honestly feel like tomorrow must be Friday. Oh well! Let's see what Thursday brings...

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Natalie said...

So much in so little time! I too am thankful for the sunshine and my kids and housework that waits until you get to it (So patient it is!). Wish I was somehow able to sing with you and I hope Chanelle is feeling better soon!

And... yay for the PVR. It's a wonderful time saving device! Way to go getting it for free.