Thursday, 1 July 2010

California Girls

We really love it here. The girls are having so much fun. I'm having fun... sometimes! School has been a bit crazy these past two weeks, but I'm getting back into it slowly. The workload is definitely way more and way more difficult this year, but I already only have five weeks left. I should really be working right now, but I guess I'm celebrating Canada Day by taking my own little holiday from homework.

We did actually celebrate Canada Day (sort of!) - one of the girls in my program is from Vancouver, and happens to be an amazing accompanist. So at the end of our masterclass today we handed out the music for O Canada and had everyone stand and sing it. My mom brought the girls in their Canada shirts and Elysse handed out a few Canadian flags that she made, and then we all had cookies they brought for us. Next year will be our first Canada Day at home since July 1, 2007. We will definitely resume our traditional Canada Day barbeque - can't wait!

Anyway, here are a TON of pictures. Mom has kept a full schedule the past few weeks, and that means lots of pictures! And since I haven't done a blog post for a few weeks, here they all are!

I hope our families enjoy them! We sure miss all of you!

Market Day and fresh lemonade!

We did Disneyland the second full day we were here - after all, Elysse does equate California with Disneyland, so this is what she thought we were driving to the whole way down!

Playing at the beautiful park across the street
Mom took the girls to "The Barnyard Zoo"
(love this one!)Elysse had a blast riding the horses!

They've done lots of colouring. I love Chanelle's face in this picture!
(they're scented markers)

At Kidspace Children's Museum in Pasadena
At our "welcome party" for school with my supervisor's daughter

The LA Zoo
Building things with their cool new toy, Wedgits
(hours of fun, even for adults - you need to find these for sure!)
Toy Story 3 - LOVED IT!
Picnics and playing in the sand
A nature walk in Millard Canyon - a beautiful spot in the San Gabriel Mountains, only 15 minutes from where we are
This is not a great picture, but try to get a good look at Elysse's face. This is right after she said in a very sweet voice, "I really do love it here, but I never want to come back here again." She's really not the outdoorsy type, I guess!
Chanelle, on the other hand, LOVED it! Especially walking in the creek.
More playing after a concert in the park
Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach
Mom found Chanelle this way one night
Fun in the bathtub
(sorry for the bum shot, Dave!)

The Arboretum - this place is amazing.
Mom saw an episode of Bones being shot there last year, and this year there was a movie being shot. She's actually already seen 4 movies being shot! They do a lot of filming in our neighbourhood, so that's kind of fun. I'm sure we're the only ones who think it's neat - everyone who lives here probably thinks it's annoying because of all the trailers!
More colouring!
Modeling her Canada shirt at the market today
Chanelle still won't smile for the camera
Chanelle is talking non-stop. She's a parrot and repeats everything you say, but is also doing really well speaking on her own. It's so funny to here sentences in her squeaky little voice. Today she counted to 11! And the other night she put her hand on my cheek and said, "I love you, mommy." Melted my heart!

Elysse has said some pretty funny things too. When she found out that Gramma's birthday is coming up, she was very insistent that Gramma choose a birthday theme: "Gramma, what kind of birthday do you want? I had Hawaii, Jenna had ladybugs, now you have to choose one!"
And the other day Mom was asking her what they should do the following day. They had done a few things that required lots of driving and walking, so Elysse replied, in all seriousness, "Something better than driving and walking."

We've had a few good laughs!
I'm sure there will be many more pictures to come, though it might take me a few weeks! I'll be paying for this little "holiday" I've taken for a while, I'm sure!

Happy Canada Day!

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Thanks for posting all that! Great to see you're having so much fun. We miss you!