Tuesday, 7 September 2010


Oh, man. It has been a crazy few weeks. Well, I guess it has been a crazy summer that has catapulted into a crazy fall. We've only been home a week and a bit, but California already feels like a long time ago. Getting back into everything is always a bit overwhelming, but I am trying to focus on the possibilities, instead of the huge to do list I feel tapping my shoulder every ten seconds.

For example:

- it is possible that I will finish unpacking tomorrow and move the suitcases from the middle of our bedroom floor
- it is possible that I will finish the grocery shopping for the meal plan I made last week, so that I can start making the meals I am now a few days behind on!
- it's entirely possible that tomorrow will be much more productive than today (all relies on Chanelle's sleeping behaviour tonight!)

Here are a few pictures from our long weekend at the cabin. Thanks to my family for a really great weekend!

The girls at the lake.
Husking corn has become a September long weekend tradition for these two.
Elysse's first time fishing. It was fuh-reeeeezing. But she didn't complain once, and each time she caught a weed, she said, "Maybe next time it'll be a fish!"

Chanelle cheering Kyle on during his game of pool with himself.

It's also possible that I might possibly blog some of our California pictures... we'll see where that falls on the to do list tomorrow!

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