Tuesday, 16 November 2010

advent calendars and other stuff

I'll admit it... I'm a bit of a chocolate snob. I can't stand waxy chocolate... the current thought of it is making me stick my tongue out. And shiver, heebie-jeebie style. Gross.

Now I shouldn't pass this on to my girls while they're still young enough not to notice a difference between dollar store chocolate and smooth, creamy callebaut (though how could anyone not notice a difference?!), but I just can't bring myself to buy those $2 advent calendars from Safeway or anywhere else. I remember having them and loving them when I was little, so apparently my taste in chocolates hasn't always been so exclusive.

Anyway, I usually buy them from Laura Secord or Purdy's, but $16? Really?!

So I've decided (and I'm probably late to this notion) I'm going to fashion my own advent calendar.

I LOVE this idea.

The best part about it, besides that it's the easiest one I found, is what is inside each envelope. Christmassy, family activities each day... from giving service to dancing to Christmas music to having a fancy, dress-up dinner. Check out the link - there's some great ideas.

And here are some other cool advent calendar ideas.

Now the trick will be finding the time to make it. And do I have to make two of them? And how will I fit a chocolate in these envelopes? Spending $2 at Safeway might not be such a bad idea...

On another note - did I mention it's Christmas concert season?? Anyone else a music teacher/musician and experiencing the same craziness?

And finally - our pictures are up on Nicole's website! I am SOOO happy with them! Nicole, you are amazing.

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Jordana said...

I'm with you on cheap advent calendars, but I also remember loving them as a kid. I really like the envelope idea, I think I might do that for this year. And your family pictures all turned out gorgeous!