Monday, 10 January 2011

Where were we...

I know, I know... it's been a while. Truth be told, I started this post ages ago (as you can see from the date - it's actually Jan. 29 today!), but haven't had much motivation to finish it. We had a wonderful Christmas, and since then it's been nothing but snow and more snow. Which means... no Dave. So, I've been a little busy. Anyway, enough of that. This post starts somewhere in November, and ends somewhere before the obscene amounts of snow started to fall.

But before the snow came, look how beautiful it was! This was November in the river valley!

Our last swimming trip before Grandma Joyce and Grandpa Lowell moved... fun times.

Chanelle and Elysse spent a fair amount of time doing this before Chanelle's birthday finally came... thanks Gramma and Papa and Auntie and Uncle!

Here's the birthday girl coming down to her balloons and Froot Loops.

She had the morning with Dad while I was at our school's Remembrance Day Celebration, so they had a birthday interview.

Then that night was the Canadian Finals Rodeo!! Chanelle loves horses, so we thought it would be perfect... they were bored after the opening fireworks. Here they are with Nima.

And the birthday party. Banner courtesy of my handy dandy Cricut.

Chanelle and her cookie cake (said "coooo-kie").

And here she is trying to blow out her candles with her nose... funniest thing ever, and I didn't get it on video. But thank goodness for this picture!

And the little cowgirl in her new cowGIRL hat and cowGIRL boots (they correct me every time I call them cowBOY hats and boots).

Blake and Whitney came for a sleepover and we had a blast. I love Chanelle's expression here while Blake was reading to her.

And Whitney and Elysse playing doctor. These two are so fun to watch.

Now we're up to December... time to decorate the tree. Here's the girls with their new ornaments from Gramma.

And Elysse's letter to Santa...

Mailing the letter was even more fun than writing it!

This is how I spent a fair amount of nights in December... concert planning til the wee hours of the morning. None of my concerts are depicted in this post - I don't think there's one picture from any of them! Too bad... they might have been slightly more flattering than this one!

Elysse and I on our annual date to the Nutcracker. This year she was able to stop herself from singing along to the music, and she got to meet some of the ballerinas... very exciting.

The next afternoon was her own dance recital. Not sure if I'm allowed to post these with other kids in them, but Elysse was pretty darn cute, so I just have to share.

And her little concert at playschool. This girl loves to perform.

Elysse and Chanelle at Gramma's house on Christmas Eve.

Papa switched up the annual tradition of handing out Turtles to everyone by giving them to us on Christmas Eve this year. No one minded one bit! We used to have competitions for who could make theirs last the longest (I used to be able to get to mid-February) and who could be the sneakiest at taking them from each other (it's much easier now with the individually wrapped ones). Now we eat them too fast for any of those shenanigans.

Opening our Christmas Eve jammies!

Writing their notes to Santa. Love this one.

From Santa... "Tangled dresses!" There have been sparkles all over our house ever since.

Skating. The girls had so much fun. Don't Mom and Auntie look alike here?

Photo ops...

Skating at Hawrelak Park when we got back to Edmonton.

Dave's brother Jon is engaged! Introducing the future Lindsey Olsen.

Thank goodness for cousins. If they look sweaty, it's because this picture was actually taken after the next one where they were having a major dance party.

And finally, Dad building a snowslide for the girls in the backyard. It is now covered in a few more feet of snow.

Okay, now that we're caught up, I'll try to be more timely!


Kailey said...

Lynz, I just noticed your update! Looks like you had an amazing Christmas! Love you!!

leigh said...

Love all the new pictures! It definitely made my day! I don't feel so far away. Miss you all!