Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Blossoming is a process... right?

Chanelle, being the orchid child that she is, doesn't really eat that well. She is tentatively starting to try new things (and when I say tentatively, I mean hesitantly agreeable only when offered a chocolate chip for each bite), but her issue now is that she doesn't like feeding herself. It's not that she can't... she's just totally not interested in eating, unless the food is put in her mouth by someone else so she doesn't have to interrupt her train of thought.

That means every meal time sounds like a zoo, or a freeway, or whatever else we can think of to distract her enough to take a bite.

So the other night... I was getting tired of animals and vehicles (does anyone actually know how to make a helicopter noise??), so I decided to switch things up...

"Chanelle, let's do a rainbow! Shhhhhhhhhhh..." (while making an arch or "rainbow" in the air with her spoon).

Chanelle was apparently not impressed with my rainbow's "shhh" sound effect.

"No, Mommy... rainbows don't do that. Like this: (in a perfectly sweet singing voice) Somewhere over the rainbow..."

It was so cute, and a very well-tuned octave! And it made me laugh. I am not so stressed these days about what she does or doesn't do... I just hope that by the time she starts school, she will be feeding herself, and let's hope she doesn't do it with "trains" and "rainbows."

I'm definitely not saying she doesn't stress me out, because that happens daily, and some days, hourly. But I know I'm not alone in that!!

Not that I agree with labeling children, but I really do think the "orchid child" thing is funny, so I'm going to stick with it. Want to read more on orchid children?? Here's an article from the Globe and Mail: "How to raise and 'orchid child' to blossom!"

And here's Chanelle and her beloved hummus again.


Kailey said...

Lynz, she's getting so big! I have no doubt that she will blossom beautifully. :)

Oler Family said...

Oh my goodness...what a cute little girl!! And i tried to make the helicopter noise...nope, can't do it either!! haha!