Wednesday, 16 February 2011

My Costco Favourites

I'm generally a fairly restrained Costco shopper... Not usually someone to buy something we don't need, but I will buy something we use that wasn't on my list, if it's on sale - which is perfectly reasonable, right?

Anyway, lately I have found some things at Costco that I love. You know when you eat/drink something, and it just makes you happy? Read on...

I could (and would) drink a bottle of this and still drive home. Pure Blue Unwine... all natural wild blueberry juice. No preservatives. No added sugar. Mucho antioxidants. And so, SO good.

The cracker chip. My kids love these with their beloved hummus. They're not amazingly low in calories, but they are a good source of fiber, they're gluten free and again, no preservatives. And I like my kids to eat things with visible seeds in them... Weird, I know, but there it is.

This is not quite the cereal I have in my cupboard, but it's close. Mine is WildRoots Ancient Origins Blueberry Pomegranate cereal. I loooove it. And more good news: 1/3 c = 28% of your daily intake of fiber! Ha! Makes getting all your fiber the easy part of your day.

You'll have to excuse the lame cell phone photo of an empty bag - not a good representation of how delicious these are. Olafson's Flax Multigrain Breakfast pitas. Thicker than your average pita pocket, they sure hit the spot straight out of the toaster, stuffed with any scrambled egg concoction you can think of. One problem... I haven't found them at Costco the last two times I've been, and as you can see from the photo, we're out, so I'm slightly panicking...

Okay, this last thing is nothing new or exciting. Do you ever buy parmesan cheese at Costco? $14 for a huge container... always seemed a little excessive to me - that's a lot of parmesan. But if you have this recipe book, you know she uses a lot of parmesan. So now the huge container of parmesan holds a prominent place in our fridge.

Anything else I need to look for on my next Costco trip?

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