Monday, 30 May 2011

Beautiful Ladies!

I love this time of year, and I love this picture of my beautiful ladies!!! In case you didn't notice, this picture location and pose are making their return for the third time (see the first & second).

I guess, in keeping with those sister posts, I will give a brief history of what's going on in our lives:

I am busy with my landscaping company (sometimes a little too busy, but that a good thing right?)

Lyndsey is busy with choirs, teaching music on Thursday and Friday mornings, and of course the girls!

Elysse routinely asked me: "Dad, can you teach me everything I don't already know?" So the other day we learned about the forces of lift on an airplane wing and how the air has to travel further over the top of the wing which creates low pressure under it… ok, I'll spare you the rest of the details.

She just finished playschool for the year and is excited about Kindergarten in September. She loves to socialize with my "workers," and is still a prolific artist!

Chanelle is hilarious, she has picked up on our parenting technique of asking questions to provoke action, but she puts her own spin on it.

For example, if I see her throw a toy on the ground the conversation might go like this:
D: "Chanelle, did you throw your toy on the ground?"
C: "No."
D" "Chanelle, I was watching you. Did you throw your toy on the ground?"
C: "Yes."
D: "Do we do that?"
C: "No."
D: "Ok, can you put it away please?"
C: "Alright!" (I live that she talks like that!)

Anyway, the funny part is that she figured out that she can asked questions to which she already knows that answer too; only she has no intentions other than to ask the questions, unless she's mad, then it's very accusatory. Some instances are:

  • Upon me exiting the shower, if she's playing in our room: "Dad… did you have a shower?"
  • Upon Lyndsey getting home from choir: "Mom… did you come home?"
  • Upon wiping out and thinking that Elysse pushed her: (in a very Chanellesque angry tone) "Elysse… did you push me down?!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

She still has her moments, but we are proud of how she is improving the frequency of talking instead of freaking out about things. I say "improve" because there still is a lot of freaking out, but we're working on it. On the other hand she is so cute, and loving, and Elysse and her play so well together. Chanelle loves to be the "baby" and Elysse the "mommy."

Well, I guess this is the end of the End-of-May Spring Report, till next time…

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