Sunday, 15 May 2011

Best Soggy Shreddies Ever!

Elysse really wanted to make me breakfast today… really! I had got her Cheerios already and she was adamant that I let her do my breakfast. "What do you want daddy?" I asked for Shreddies.

I love Shreddies; always have, probably always will!

Side note
My uncle who is a doctor did a personal research project on himself that might interest anyone who gets canker sores: when he is eating Shreddies regularly he doesn't seem to get them. He attributes this to the high vitamin B12 in Shreddies, so… maybe that helps someone out there?

Anyways, the only thing I don't love about Shreddies is how fast they get soggy. If anyone knows me and how I'm a fast eater, this generally doesn't pose a problem. Today was a little different.

Since I was about to go into the shower I told Elysse that if she wanted to make me breakfast, she should not put the milk in till I was out of the shower. She seemed to get it, but I guess the overwhelming urge to do something nice for her dad was too much!

After the shower, she was waiting at the bathroom door for me while I was shaving when she couldn't wait anymore, she had to see me to tell me that she had made me breakfast and "poured the milk without one drip!"

Needless to say, today I had the best soggy Shreddies ever!



Jordana said...

Haha, she's so sweet! Oh the things we'll do for our kids, even eating soggy shreddies. :)

krystyn said...

adorable. i mean elise of course, not the shreddies. that's nasty.