Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Chanelle Turns 3!

  birthday balloons and birthday cereal (Froot Loops was the birthday cereal of choice for the second year in a row!)

 what a pair of cuties

  opening a few presents before school

This was classic.  We got her a Fur Real kitty since she has a feline obsession these days.  It walks and meows, which totally scared her, but this was her reaction to the purring.

 She's warming up to it now.

 Bessy the cow telling Chanelle to have a "moo-velous" birthday at playschool

and a few more presents... thank you Gramma, Great Gramma and Papa, and Auntie, Uncle and Kyle!

Cowgirl Party pictures coming soon!

1 comment:

Jordana said...

Happy Birthday to Chanelle! That kitty looks real, her reaction is so funny. She looks so happy in all these pictures. I can't wait to see the party, I'm sure you pulled out all the stops. :)